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The Backroad Astronomer
2006-Oct-19, 02:31 AM
anybody heard about any websites being attacked saying the armenian genocide was faked just wondering if anybody got this, the website for the company i worked got hacked and is fixed now.

2006-Oct-19, 02:39 AM


The Backroad Astronomer
2006-Oct-19, 03:10 AM
it connects to illegal-attack"."org and is back again.does any one if there is anyone to report this to besides our own people to fix it.

2006-Oct-20, 04:02 PM
David, report this to your ISP.

2006-Oct-20, 05:57 PM
One thing you may consider is the use of a proxy to shield your identity from any websites you happen to be surfing. It's a very GOOD thing.

Some websites don't allow proxy surfing, however, as it also makes it very difficult to prevent those who've been banned from returning.