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2006-Oct-29, 05:31 AM
A new theory about how to make anti-gravity, and maybe something resembling a "warp drive", is being born from a revived old theory.


Van Rijn
2006-Oct-29, 06:53 AM
Hi, Techguy. This topic has been discussed here before:

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I'll just wait and see. It would be nice if somebody discovered new physics that allowed easier space travel, but I'll need to see the evidence.

2006-Oct-29, 06:25 PM
I'm with you on that one . . . I want to see the evidence as well.

But whether this theory actually has anything to do with reality or not, at least it is based on a testable hypothesis that can be proven or dis-proven. And unlike some other theories that are out their floating around, it does not require the presence of exotic matter, cosmic strings, wormholes, or technology that belongs to the distant future. This particular theory can be proven or dis-proven by an experiment that is on the cutting edge of our current technology.

Therefore, it is a candidate for the next paradigm shift . . . like the Michaelson - Morly experiment once was.

Or it could turn out to be nothing at all.

But in either event . . . I thougt you guys might be interested in this. :)

2006-Oct-30, 06:37 PM
It would be great if the theory was proven.
One bonus from that would be that we would now know that interstellar travel is possible, therefore we could hope to run into someone else "out there", and maybe meet "them".