View Full Version : The Quantum Zoo - A Tourist's Guide to the Neverending Universe

2006-Oct-31, 01:53 AM
Modern physics! Who knows where it’s going? Objects so small that we can never see them. Strings that vibrate with the resonance of life. A universe so big and growing, yet starting from no more than a dot. Surely all this is too much! Not so. Marcus Chown in his book, ‘The Quantum Zoo - A Tourist’s Guide to the Neverending Universe’ provides simple analogies and fun derivations to bring sense to all this. After all, physics is simply the science of observation, so there shouldn’t be anything holding back an inquisitive person.

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2006-Oct-31, 11:42 AM
why all the swear words?

“!*&%” - Asterix.

BTW, Good read for any beginner.