View Full Version : Phrases messed up

Smashing Young Man
2006-Oct-31, 05:36 AM
When you login and screw up your username and/or password, you're greeted with the message, "Could not find phrase 'badlogin_strikes'."

To fix this, reupload the original vbulletin-language.xml file from the zip file to your install directory, then import this file in the 'Upload' section in "Languages & Phrases" from your admincp. That should do the trick, and fix any other phrase issues you may be having; where there is one, there can often be more, due to a bad upgrade, fouled up database move, etc.

2006-Oct-31, 08:32 PM
Ahah, I'll fix that. Thanks!

Smashing Young Man
2006-Nov-01, 04:49 AM
You're welcome. Glad to be of service! :)