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2006-Oct-31, 05:36 AM
Hi everyone
Well I had to try to image this one before it got away from me!
I had a very bright first Quarter Moon and Hazy skies,
Its real up close, and its only stacked and combined and cropped no further processing has been done yet.
I have all of the raw data and, I am working on these shots later on, to see if I can pull anymore detail out of this poor try.
44-15 sec subs Meade DSI I one shot color camera, 6 inch f/8 refractor,0.5X focal reducer, 2 inch Diagonal.


2006-Nov-01, 11:15 PM
No try is poor. Nice going there. Where are you located, if I may ask? :)

2006-Nov-02, 01:40 AM
Hi Melusine
Im In Raymond N.H.
typical crazy New England weather.
I think it was a poor shot due to my image scale and the Hazy skies, I was hoping to catch some of the tail.

2006-Nov-03, 11:15 AM

:D :clap: