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2006-Nov-13, 05:49 PM
You hear distances all the time in astronomy. This star is 10 light-years away; that galaxy is 50 million light-years away; that Big Bang over there happened 13.7 billion years ago. ...

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2006-Nov-15, 03:25 AM
Thank you for your excellent lessons in astronomy. I particularly enjoyed Measuring Distance in the Universe.

An excellent book on this topic is Measuring the Universe by Stephen Webb. This book covers the various measurement techniques with plain English explanations along with the math.

Another excellent resource is provided by Dr. Wendy Freedman, one of the few astronomers who makes compicated astronomical issues comprehensible, here: http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/astro-ph/0308418 (http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/astro-ph/0308418)

Eric Bier

2006-Nov-15, 02:35 PM
If you are not listening to The Fraser and Pamala shows, you are missing a well produced, well thought out, pleasant introduction into current thinking in astronomy and cosmology.

Although they hit on most of the key points, I think the subject of distance measurement needs more time to cover it correctly - there are many additional tools - perhaps another show touching on some of the controversy?

2006-Nov-17, 10:33 PM
Hi Professor Gay! I downloaded my first podcast today! I'm gonna listen to it over break and let u know what I think when we get back :) Have a great Thanksgiving! :boohoo:

Kelli Brunk