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2006-Nov-21, 07:29 AM
The discovery of dark energy was one of the biggest surprises in astronomy. Instead of a nice, predictable expanding Universe, acted on only by gravity, astronomers turned up a mysterious repulsive force accelerating the expansion of the Universe. Fraser and Pamela explain the evidence for a dark energy, and a few possible theories for what could be providing this repulsive force.

Read the full blog entry (http://www.universetoday.com/2006/11/21/podcast-a-universe-of-dark-energy/)

2006-Nov-21, 04:56 PM
Hopefully this podcast considers that there could be no cosmic acceleration, just a changing speed of light. Redshifts are the only avidence of an accelerating universe, and those are affected by c change.

2006-Nov-21, 08:40 PM
Hopefully this podcast considers that there could be ...
You *could* listen to the podcast, and find out what it considers.
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2006-Nov-24, 07:40 PM
As Pamela has cautioned, we really do not know what Dark Energy is. It is still reasonable to call it the difference between what was expected, and what is observed.

Dark Energy is only one of many possible explanations, and calling this "Einstein's cosmological constant" is a thinly vailed appeal to authority. But as we all know, in science, there is no absolute authority: We must use the critical analysis process every step of the way.