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2003-May-13, 04:50 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am not a savvy computer user and I tried most of the links to the radio stations that were posted and I cannot get "streaming audio"? Must one pay additionally for this service? Must one have DSL? Even the apparently free services don't stream? Few seconds to a minute of speech and blank (I get message that reads "buffering" or "reloading"). Much too annoying and irritating to listen because of the continual interruptions? If someone can help me remedy this it would be greatly appreciated. If someone can create a file of the show and file a link here so that others can listen to the broadcast uninterrupted after the fact this would be terrific. Maybe others as well as myself are having this problem?

May you all have a safe day.

David Hall
2003-May-13, 05:11 PM
Hi Avenue.

Streaming audio is often like that. The sound can only play as fast as the internet can get the data to your computer. If the stream is too slow you can run out of sound to play. The media player then has to store up a few more seconds in it's buffer before it can play more. Sometimes they never manage to feed enough to you. Live broadcasts are especially bad in this regard.

There are a ton of factors at play in how fast the stream can get to you. The speed of your internet connection, how fast their server can stream, the amount of traffic on the channel at the time, the exact state of the connections needed to get it to you...without more info it's hard to say just what the problem is. There may be a few settings you can tweak to maximize the connection, but usually you just have to live with it (or without it, in this case).

I think it's unlikely you'll get any recorded files posted here. The material is copyrighted. The Coast-to-Coast website has an archive, but it's fee-based. It's also possible you might find someone trading a recording on one of the file sharing networks like Kazaa too, if you're familiar with how those work.

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2003-May-13, 07:40 PM
Thank you, David, for your informative reply. I'll just have to get the blow by blow discription from this forum. Hopefully, X will have not obliterated this part of the USA beforehand :lol: The skies have been so overcast here for so long that X could be colliding with my birdbath as I type this and I would not have a clue :o Something called Lake Effect here in Michigan.

Thanks Again and be safe.