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2006-Nov-23, 05:47 PM
Hello all, I have been a fan of Pamela and Slacker Astronomy for about a year, and I really enjoy Astronomy Cast!:clap: I recently watched a program on the science channel about M Theory. One segment of the show dealt with the relative strength of gravity, and the theory that gravity may in fact be 'leaking' into our universe from a parallel dimension. Could you perhaps shed some light on the work being done on this subject?
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2006-Nov-24, 03:57 AM
It'll probably be a while before we address M-Theory, if ever. We really want to focus on things in the Universe that we have evidence for. In fact, I'm perfectly happy to focus on evidence without theories. But I'm hesitant to do the opposite. String/M-theory has some interesting math, I'm told, but it's way beyond me to explain it. But the bigger problem for me is that there just isn't any evidence for it... yet. As soon as an experiment comes out that can start testing some of these String-based theories, we'll get started trying to explain it to people.

If you want more information on String theory, definitely give Brian Greene's books a read, or watch his special on Nova. I think the episodes are even watchable on the Internet.