View Full Version : What Venus and Saturn Have in Common

2006-Nov-25, 01:50 AM
Astronomers have known about a strange vortex at the south pole of Venus since the 1970s, when it was discovered by NASA's Pioneer Venus spacecraft. And recently, the Cassini spacecraft imaged a similar vortex at Saturn's southern pole. The two vortices are caused when an area of low pressure sits at the rotation pole of a planet. This causes air to spiral down from higher in the atmosphere, like water going down a drain. Any planet with an atmosphere, even the Earth, can form a vortex like this. Venus' vortex is unusual because it has two eyes that rotate around each other.

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2006-Nov-25, 02:22 PM
Do the two earth vortices affect our weather? Are they affected by earth's longer term weather cycles such as El Nino? How frequent? How much do they vary in strength?