View Full Version : Pan Clearing a Gap in Saturn's Rings

2006-Nov-25, 01:52 AM
If you want to understand what causes the gaps in Saturn's rings, just look at this picture. The bright object in the middle of Saturn's Encke gap is one of its moons: Pan. The tiny moon is only 26 km (16 miles) across, but its minor gravity can clear out the ring particles. Cassini took this image on October 27, 2006 when it was 385,000 km (239,000 miles) from Pan.

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2006-Nov-27, 12:14 PM
Yes the moon Pan is orditing in a stable place now. In the past it had to clear the space. That made it grow Its Gravity field increased. I wonder why that did not continue to collect dust and make the gap bigger. Do you think the Saturn system shows us there can be harmony in a chaotic system