View Full Version : Supernovae

2006-Nov-27, 05:55 AM
C'mon it's come up in several shows now. I would really love a show on supernovae. Who's with me on this?

2006-Nov-27, 03:24 PM
It's coming. Today's show is about the birth of stars. Next week's show will be about the death of stars. We might cover supernovae then, or do another show after that about the really violent death of huge stars.

Himanshu Raj
2006-Dec-11, 01:55 PM
The Show on Supernovas on this Monday would be really interesting. However I would be really very excited to know if they would tell about HYPERNOVAS and all, which lead to Gamma Ray Bursts which has led to the brand new feild of Gamma Ray Astronomy...