View Full Version : Can anyone help me find more info on this meteorite from thailand?, Lots of pictures.

2006-Nov-29, 12:56 AM
My brother keep it in 3-4 years ago
but we don;t know what kind of this meteorite and where 's come from ?

Big Thanks







2006-Nov-29, 01:30 AM
It looks metallic, can you stick a magnetic too it? If not, it's possible it's not a meteorite, but something volcanic. If so, then it's iron and likely from the Asteriod belt area.

Jeff Root
2006-Nov-29, 03:59 PM
The first image looks exactly as I would expect an iron meteorite
to appear. The other images, though, look much more like a glob
of viscous pitch (tar, bitumen, asphalt) which has been poured
onto a flat surface and allowed to harden. All the photos appear
to show the same side-- none show the "edges" or "bottom", which
is suspicious. I've never seen a metorite with anything like the
shape that is implied by the highlights and shadows around the
edges in the lower photos. Namely, very thin and flat, as if it
had flowed onto a flat surface.

I've also never seen such a shiny crust on a meteorite, but then
it may be that all the meteorites I've seen have had weathered
crusts from being exposed to the wind and rain for a time.
However, a stony chondrite which fell in Minnesota in the late
1800's was presumably recovered soon after it fell (since it was
seen to fall), and it has a matte or rough-textured crust.

Can you get an accurate measure of the object's density?

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis

Jeff Root
2006-Nov-30, 02:54 PM
It took half a dozen tries to get the biggest photo (the one with what
looks like a laser pointer) to download completely. Now that I can see
the whole image, it really looks like a blob of hardened pitch.

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis