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2006-Nov-29, 02:46 AM
Just when the error message didn't show and I thought the bugs were fixed too. First post worked. Second entry, disappeared into never never land. Third entry worked. Tried to repost a re-write of the lost comments and I can't get past the 404 error msg. So here's the post for now:


I think it's a good thing that corporate America would be partnering with schools. And as I said before, the NSTA leaders seemed for all intents to be just dedicated science teachers. So maybe we can remind them that instead of worrying about some grant money from an oil company, we'd all be better served if the NSTA worked to influence corporate America rather than the other way around.

I hear often that we can't expect corporations to be concerned with anything except the bottom line and the stockholder's earnings. But I don't agree. Corporations are made up of human beings.

Those corporate executives don't have to be like the Ken Lays, Jeff Skillings, and Dennis Kozlowskis (Enron and Tyco). They could just as easily be like the Ben Cohens and Jerry Greenfields (Ben and Jerrys). The NSTA should be a partner, but they could be one with influence, rather than one which cow tows to some grant money or service award.


Do check out the link. Very interesting considering I found it by coincidence looking for the last names of the execs.