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2006-Nov-29, 03:19 PM
Thanks Fraser for helping me find out the info I requested about the bolide. I went as you suggested to the amsmeteor site and registered it, but was still wondering if anyone else happened to have witnessed this event other than my band students, myself and my father? Again I'll give the details: We live in Haleyville AL ( Lat: N 34degs, 15:, 42" Long: W 87degs, 35', 30" FACING NORTH when my dad saw it, I as traveling in car but first saw it when standing outside, but the car was heading toward my home at 89 Pine Ave, in Haleyville (the coords above)....IT was a long event in time and tried to report it best I could to the ams site, but it had to have lasted at least a minute. It was BRIGHT WHITE in the front, but was mainly BLUE/GREEN/TURQUOISE, was solid at first with a very long tail, breaking apart when we last saw it at horizon level. It started out very HIGH in the sky. We all thought we had seen a Roman Candle because of the color, but knew after a second or two that this was no firework....It had the same bright color like the sun would be streaking thru the sky...Not like a falling star...in fact if I remember correctly I once saw at some HS football game in either FL or PA, a lot of people witnessed a white one and got it on film...This on was just like that one only lasted longer and had such a beautiful color scheme to it....I just wanted to know if anyone else saw it, if I'll ever hear back from the AMSmeteor site, and if anyone got film of it? And is there a place on the web where I can see another one? I may never have this chance again....Oh and I left this part off..>We didn't hear any "boom" but I was in the car and we didn't know the "wait five minutes" part of the incident until after reading the ams info that Fraser pointed me to...KUDOS to you Fraser, you've made alot of band kids happy here in AL. Thank you so much and don't be suprised if all the band kids start invading your site....These young minds (mine alike) are loving this stuff.
Benny Tittle

Kaptain K
2006-Dec-03, 03:09 AM
If it took over a minute to cross the sky, my guess is that it was re-entering orbital debris. The absolute minimum entry speed for a meteoroid is 7 miles per second (11Km/sec). The only object I've ever seen take more than a few seconds to cross the sky was a Shuttle re-entry.

2006-Dec-03, 03:40 AM
the colour reminds me of burning aluminium...Perhaps from bits of COSMOS 2423.
The Russian military photoreconnaissance satellite Cosmos-2423 satellite partially broken up in orbit on November 14, 2006, although the satellite was still operational after the incident.
The U.S. Space Command managed to count at lest 28 different fragments (NORAD catalogue numbers 29604-29631) after the breakup.
The fragments may be due to the film canister return mechanism aboard the satellite malfunctioning.
The Cosmos-2423 satellite was launched on September 14, 2006, and is the last satellite of the Don (Orlets-1) class.

TLE Data

1 29634U 06039AH 06333.34821496 .12386869 63710-5 52373-2 0 26
2 29634 065.2389 319.2262 0130706 113.3174 253.4872 16.05336312 1586
1 29634U 06039H 06332.34498085 .07648006 62738-5 56705-2 0 18
2 29634 065.2380 322.8136 0197835 114.6293 253.2927 15.85561682 1428

Callers to The Daily described the same thing, some saying they saw an object falling from the sky and breaking into pieces before the light appeared.
No airplanes crashed, and astronomers said the event was probably a "bolide," a random meteor that could have been natural or man-made.
Morgan County Sheriff Chief Deputy Mike Corley said the reports came from southern Morgan County and Cullman County. Firefighters and various police agencies searched the area but found no crash site.

Read more (http://www.decaturdaily.com/decaturdaily/news/061129/light.shtml)

2006-Dec-22, 05:14 PM
We have had several bolides over Alabama in recent years. One in Nov of 1986, and one on Dec. 3 1999.