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2006-Nov-30, 10:10 PM
Arago Domes α and β
From my image at 10 Noe. 2006, I see after 2nd image processing two domes. Arago dome Alpha and Arago dome Beta.
In my photo you can see and rima Sosigenes about 155 km long and craterlet Maclear A.
Crater Arago is one curious crater and I cannot understand how it was created???

Apollo17 Landing site
From telescope 8" SC at 10 November 2006. The glen of point X is about 3-4 km.

South Pole and around of Crater Moretus, 10 Noe. 2006
At night of 10 Noe. 2006, in photo you can see the craters MORETUS, SHORT, NEWTON, this area its a south pole of Lunar and south of crater Clavius.

Rima Ariadaeus, 10 Noe. 2006
My inspiration for this capture was from APOLLO 10 image As10-31-4646.jpg
Telescope 8 inch, DMK21BF04, barlow 2.5X, IR cut filter.

Crater Maurolycus, 10 Noe. 2006
8" SC LXD-75, DMK 21BF04, barlow 2.5X, IR cut filter.
Diameter about 117 km.

Craters Aristoteles & Eudoxus, 10 Noe. 2006
About 901 frames at f25 with DMK21BF04 and telescope 8 inch SC LXD-75, image processing in registax V.4 με MAP 3 and final in Photoshop.

Fracastorius & Beaumont, 10 Noe. 2006
In crater Fracastorius I capture for the first time the rima in this crater. The seeing is not good 2 at 5.

And one from full Moon 05 Noe. 2006
I take about 5 images for each channel L-R-G-B image processing with autostitch program.
Final processing in Photoshop with method narrow band imaging.
Filters Astronomik RGB TYP II with ATIK filter wheel, Canon EoS 350d at prime focus, Telescope LXD-75 SC 8'.

paul f. campbell
2006-Nov-30, 11:08 PM
These photos are great. I have to say they are the best I have seen. nice work

2006-Dec-01, 03:52 AM
I agree with Paul. Thes images are fantastic. I kove the full moon one!


2006-Dec-01, 09:15 PM
Hi George, we've missed you! These are outstanding.

For whatever reason, #3 is my favorite of the bunch. This one:

Great work. :clap: