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2003-May-14, 05:38 PM
O.K. i listened to the debate last night. I have to say, Nancy did a very good job of keeping the topic wwaaayyyy off topic. I mean how long was PX actually mentioned? 10 min?

She did a good job of making sure that the BA could not actually debater her face to face on Planet x. She really did not have to actually defend most of her findings.

I think we need a rematch that is guarenteed to stay on topic. :-)

P.S. BA: amazing job there.

2003-May-14, 05:42 PM
I think we need a rematch that is guarenteed to stay on topic. :-)

I propose June 2 as an optimal date.

2003-May-14, 08:08 PM
I think a "rematch" would be a waste of time. Nancy would just dismiss the facts with her Zeta-speak once again. How can you seriously debate with someone who accuses any reputable person/agency not subscribing to her Planet X scenario as being involved in some kind of massive cover-up? Any "proof" given that Planet X doesn't exist would be incorporated into her conspiracy theories. Besides, do you REALLY want to hear that "alien" speaking again? That woman needs help!

2003-May-14, 08:28 PM
Why waste our time? It just gives credibility to a not credible person. I think Nancy has already gotten a lot of undeserved attention for a completely made up scenario.

I was glad Dr P refused to debate with 'the zetas'. That was a wise approach.

2003-May-14, 08:51 PM
Yeah, her channeling the Zetas was classic psychotic, voices in your head, craziness. I thought Phil maintained his dignity and credibility in fine form by refusing to enter into a discussion with imaginary playmates. But she sure has a nice repretoire of big scientific-sounding terms so I suppose some people will still think she's for real.

2003-May-14, 09:02 PM
I sat there listening to her careening wildly off topic throughout the whole thing, and my thought was that experience teaches that there's really no practical way of making someone with an Agenda stay on your topic, short of holding a gun to her head, and even then, it's iffy...

Nancy's Agenda is that she's a "Don't trust the government!" conspiracy theorist, and Planet X is just the gift-wrap, the vehicle, the pasta to hold up the Sauce Bolognese of her paranoia. Listening to her talk in real time--as opposed to Zetatalk IRC, where she has the leisure to formulate her replies into a more coherent format, and where there are no presupposed ground rules about things like "logic"--listening to her complete inability to formulate a sensible argument or make any kind of logical points, made me realize that for her, it could just as easily have been Area 51, or jet contrails, or fluoridated water, or mercury in dental fillings, or any of a hundred "Don't trust the government!" conspiracy theories, as Planet X.

And, the other insight that I had while I was listening was that making yourself out to be an Elite Insider with Secret Information is classic Conspiracy Theorist behavior, according to psychologists. Watch this logic:

The government isn't warning the underclass about Planet X, because they want to get rid of them.
Thus, the underclass consists of people who aren't being warned.
Therefore, people who ARE receiving the warning are not part of the underclass.
Therefore, Nancy Lieder is not part of the underclass.

Very neat, psychologically speaking. I'm glad that she's found a way to pump up her self-esteem by deciding that aliens talk to her and give her secret Insider Information that enables her to boost herself out of the underclass.

Doctor J
2003-May-15, 12:56 PM
Jigsaw has hit it perfectly.....PX is a McGuffin for Nancy, who, if you read zetatalk, spends far more time talking about government, 'density', spirits, the council of worlds and zetascience than anything else....I suspect she (and a lot of her followers) have lost jobs, been laid off, and feel like their extraordinary talents arent appreciated by the great unwashed...so, away with them, leaving the world for the 10% who are truly important rather than the 90% who dont recognize their greatness...

2003-May-15, 02:54 PM
But aren't they STO and therefore concerned about the rest of us? :wink:

2003-May-15, 11:53 PM
..... Yeah but you didn't read the fine print!!!

STO = Service to Others
Service = SELFISH