View Full Version : Sustainable nuclear energy moves a step closer

2006-Dec-11, 06:03 PM
Sustainable nuclear energy moves a step closer (http://www.physorg.com/news85060641.html)

In future a new generation of nuclear reactors will create energy, while producing virtually no long-lasting nuclear waste, according to research conducted by Wilfred van Rooijen, who will receive his Delft University of Technology (Netherlands) PhD degree based on this research subject on Tuesday, 12 December.

Nowhere Man
2006-Dec-11, 06:16 PM
The ability to actually build such reactors is however still in the very distant future.



2006-Dec-11, 08:30 PM
Still, very cool.

Van Rijn
2006-Dec-11, 09:36 PM
Sure, it's nice from an engineering standpoint, but the same people would be complaining about them just as much as current reactors. They would still have highly radioactive waste, but would internalize part of the fuel cycle. Sustainable nuclear is already quite possible.

2006-Dec-11, 10:08 PM
I'm glad to read this:

It also revealed that the GFR could use the waste materials of other light water reactors (LWR). The Gas-cooled Fast Reactor can therefore serve as an 'incinerator' of nuclear waste.

Because this:

are capable of rendering a great deal of their own nuclear waste harmless.

made me wonder about that.

I don't know if 4th gen could deal with that waste good enough to really serve as incinerators of all the current long life waste though. On the other hand, at the moment the amount of longest living, heaviest nuclear waste is very small compared to medium, and certainly short lived radioactive waste.

I also wonder how the forecasts on this are compared to fusion.

btw I used to look onto the dome of the TU Delft's reactor every day, and will return doing so in less than 2 months :).

2006-Dec-22, 03:51 PM
Pebble beds are as good as it gets for now I guess.