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2006-Dec-12, 02:15 AM
Due to technical difficulties (Fraser's power went out), publishing of this week's show has been delayed. We will get this week's show on supernovae to you sometime tomorrow, December 12. ...

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2006-Dec-12, 03:58 AM
Bah move to Florida. It stinks for looking at stars, but we're smart enough to keep generator =p

Just kidding with ya... I'll be waiting with baited breathe... God I love sushi!

2006-Dec-12, 04:01 AM
:cry: But I want it now!:cry:


Oh, OK. I'll wait...

Dragon Star
2006-Dec-12, 04:04 AM
Due to technical difficulties (Fraser's power went out)

Not enough Jiggawats! :D

2006-Dec-12, 05:18 AM
There, just recorded. We're hoping for a final edit tomorrow morning.