View Full Version : Station's Solar Panels Retracted Halfway

2006-Dec-14, 01:54 AM
Shuttle astronauts spent a frustrating day today, trying to get the International Space Station's solar wings retracted. NASA was hoping to retract the wings fully to allow new permanent solar panels to rotate to face the Sun and begin generating electricity. Astronauts did get the wings partially retracted; far enough to allow the larger wings to rotate, so NASA is considering the day a success. A spacewalk might be scheduled later in the week, for astronauts to manually assist folding the array.

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2006-Dec-14, 12:12 PM
Life always has its ups & downs & with the ISS you can always expect plenty of them. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that they are having problems with some equipment on the ISS. We should also remember that it has been exposed to outer space conditions for over six years. Components must be able to adapt to continual heating & freezing as the ISS hurtles around the Earth every 90 minutes! They have done a good job to resist & do the job they were designed for over this period of time.