View Full Version : Buying scopes/accessories from eBay???

2003-May-16, 09:35 AM
I am looking into get a Meade ETX-70AT. I've seen a couple on eBay, but I get skeptical about some stuff on eBay regarding quality and such.

Does anyone here have any experience getting stuff from eBay?


2003-May-16, 10:52 AM
eBay have one too many conspiracist auctions for my liking. :x

2003-May-16, 02:26 PM
quote "eBay have one too many conspiracist auctions for my liking. "

cool , i`ve been looking for a pet conspiracist for a while , how many theories do they normally come with ?


2003-May-16, 03:14 PM
I know a lot of people say they deal with eBAy and have great luck, but I buy all my equipment from the local telescope shop, which also has a great website that I use if I would rather not drive there.
I value the fact that if I buy something which is defective or I need help I can go back to them and they can and will help; which has happened a few times.
With articles as expensive and complicated as astronomy equipment can get I wouldnt risk it buying it from a source that has no interest in helping you if and when you may need it, let alone the fact that you have no idea what condition it is in.
Like I said some people say they have had good luck but I wouldnt risk it. That is just my opinion tho.