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2006-Dec-20, 03:10 PM
anyone know about this?

We did an experiemtne with Laue and Debye-Sharrar photographies, and I have to solve for the crystalline structure of NaCl and KCl. It's no easy task and I'm asking for a little help.

Thanks in advance.

2006-Dec-20, 06:07 PM
I used to do a little bit of this. I know the Laue method, but the other is unfamiliar to me (though I might know it by a different name -- I'll look it up). What part exactly are you stuck on? You have already taken spectra, I take it. Have you connected the dots and solved for your curves? Have you calculated your d and theta values? Your cell parameters?

Edit: Debye-Sharrar = powder method. Makes finding the cell parameters much, much easier.

This page http://www2.egr.uh.edu/~smotamar/XRay/XRay.html will walk you through the powder calculations better than I could.

2007-Jan-08, 01:26 AM
thanks for the reply. I've been away for a couple weeks.

My partner and I in this experiment have taken a Laue photograph and need to analyze it. Given the distance from the crystal, angle theta can be found. And also an angle phi from the pattern. ours looks similar to this, but obviously not as nice


from the information how can I determine the Miller Indicies? That's the goal of my analysis.