View Full Version : Black Holes/Quasars

2006-Dec-24, 05:19 AM
A show on either one of these would be great.

2006-Dec-28, 06:46 PM
Show number 18 is going to be about black holes.

2007-Jan-02, 09:25 AM
ok on black holes.....
If gravity truly moves at speed c (speed of light), how does it escape the black hole's event horizon to reach a distant observer (or in the case of cygnus x1, its binary partner), when everything else that moves at c or lower is dragged back? is there an exclusion principle inherent to the gravitational radiation that prevents the black hole from collapsing completely to a point? (ie the white dwarf or neutron stars held up against gravity by the various particle's exclusion principle?)
i dont even know if that makes sense because how could gravity attract itself, however the limiting speed c is non negotiable, soo....... i gotta know

2007-Jan-02, 09:49 AM
also, is the red shift that is observed as a star collapses to a point caused by the light being "dragged back" or is the relative recession of the matter inside,away from the event horizon(towards the singularity), the actual culprit?
(i mean that from the perspective of the outside observer, the space inside the event horizon recedes at an ever increasing rate approaching speed c, which would seemingly cause an apparent redshift in the light. If there is not a limit to the wavelength, this redshifted light would eventually approach an infinite wavelength, causing the escaping photons to move on or close to a straight line instead of a well defined wavelength). is there any reason this is impossible?

2007-Jan-08, 12:19 PM
wowie, those claims that I made seem stupid to me now