View Full Version : Black Hole Questions?

2007-Jan-03, 03:15 AM
What I would like to know about black holes is this....
if gravity moves at C (speed of light) how does it escape the infinite collapse of a singularity?
I don't mean that gravity attracts itself, but rather
...Wouldn't the infinite curvature of space beyond the event horizon (toward the singularity) create an infinite amount of space between the mass at the singularity and the black hole's event horizon? If so, wouldn't that mean that the square of the distance (singularity to event horizon) would also be infinite, making the strength of the gravitational attraction = (1/infinity)?
No matter how much mass and gravity was originally there, it would diminish at the rate of (1/distance^2) as the body collapsed beyond the event horizon, toward the singularity.

please help me wrap my head around this when you do the black hole show next week....PLEASE

2007-Jan-03, 10:41 AM
never mind...i'm wrong....