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2003-May-19, 01:14 AM
Here is what I've received from the Nancy:


flipper4242@hotmail.com wrote:

> Message sent from web form at 5/16/2003 21:56:57 (server localtime).
> Sender IP:
> Referer: http://www.zetabc.com/index/zetamail.htm
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> Nancy:
> I think your predictions will not come true. I doubt that you will respond to this e-mail. I was unsure about this event until you had a discussion with Phil Plait. That sealed it for me and you are quite wrong. I live in the 3rd most active state for earthquakes and I haven't felt any major tremors.
> Sincerely,
> Flipper42 @ badastronomy.com

2003-May-19, 01:15 AM
LOL, yes, you were's quite wrong too!

I doubt that you will respond to this e-mail.

Hehehe :lol:

2003-May-19, 01:42 AM
Funny, she seems to have a lot more to say when she has an audience. In fact you may not have been wrong. She did respond to your e-mail, but not to your point. :D

2003-May-19, 02:06 AM
Oh man....what a joke. I can't wait to see who is "wrong" in a couple of weeks.

2003-May-19, 02:09 AM
Well, the rotation stoppage is meant to be on the 21st, with a 2 hours delay in the sunset on the 20th... Within 48 hours, Nancy will be exposed. If the sun sets two hours late, well, I'll eat my computer monitor with a side order of 3.5 floppies, hold the defragging. :lol:

2003-May-19, 04:04 AM
I guess Nancy responded to me because I could be a Devotee. I did state in another thread that I'm Christian. I actually go to church, a great church where the Pastor is so cool! This guy has opened my eyes to the truth, and I have to say that Nancy is a false prophet. I usually don't talk about my faith, but there are times when you have to speak up. My take is that Nancy is what Jesus warned about false prophets, spreading false predictions. She cannot be trusted.

Being a Christian, I pray and I usually ask God for guidance. I never ask for wealth. In this supposed destruction, I do not have a feeling of foreboding. At my church no one discussed their feelings of doom.

I believe that this isn't the end times that are predicted in Revelation. There are certain clues and none appear. If you want to read about the impending doom, read Revelation. It's quite scary!


2003-May-19, 05:03 AM
Message view

scott crazythunder@hotbox.ru
Mon May 19 08:55:12 2003

Subject: Re: [WebForm] NEW SIGHTING

Don't order, no time, and you PC will not be useful without electricity, etc.

crazythunder@hotbox.ru wrote:

> Message sent from web form at 5/16/2003 5:16:58 (server localtime).
> Sender IP: xx.xx.xx.xxx (deleted my ip to keep the zeta's out.)
> Referer:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> nancy, do you think now would be a bad time to upgrade my pc or should i wait till
after the poleshift? do you think a dome shaped pc case would survive the 1000 mph
winds? also, if i ordered a book and video from you , would i receive it in time to
read before px arrives? thank you so much for your time. end mail talk

i just couldn't resist asking a few questions.

2003-May-19, 05:19 AM
Was going to quote but i think the email will be omitted soon -

OMG!!!!!! :o I can't believe it.

Nancy has not told you to buy her book?!?!?!?!? Wow. I would have thought an opportunity to make a few more bucks before the fame wears out would be too good to pass up for her.

What does this mean then?
She really believes the world will end (despite the FACT it won't)?
She is wiley enough to realise someone might use her endorsement of such a late purchase against her?

Being the Jaded Monkey that I am, i tend towards the latter, but that's just me... Thoughts anyone?

The Bad Astronomer
2003-May-19, 05:28 AM
Normally I frown on posting personal email, but since she only said one word, I think I'll allow it. :-)

2003-May-19, 05:32 AM
Oops... I was referring to the one by crazythunder where he asks if he should buy the book - she says no!!!

As for the post at the top - I agree, how can you paraphrase one word?

2003-May-19, 10:25 AM
> Flipper42 @ badastronomy.com


According to your post ,this is the email address that you sent to her, so she probably did not think you were a devoted follower, but had to let you know that she knows all...What a prophet (emmisary SHE is!!!).

I do understand that this is more of a scientific fact site, But I wish you well with your new church, It always does one good to have purpose in thier life.
Some take differant avenues, but are amoung the good people with purpose also.

2003-May-19, 12:13 PM
makes me think of a Public Service Annoucment....

Nancy: just say NO!

2003-May-19, 03:06 PM
Nancy did it again. I won't post the e-mail, but she directed me to two links on her web site. She missed her mark the first time and the sun came up at the right time. There are no detectable earth movements here in Las Vegas, Nevada and I look forward to hot termperatures today. And this is from a former Torontonian! 8)


2003-May-19, 03:28 PM
Hey! How do you get an email "@badastronomy.com?"

2003-May-19, 05:18 PM

I don't have a bad Astronomy e-mail address. I just mentioned Phil's name and I guess she thinks I'm a NASA/NSA/CIA/FBI paid informant. Oh, I forgot to tell you I'm Canadian therefore I'm a RCMP/CSIS/CBC/CTV paid-Canadian informant! :lol:


2003-May-20, 12:16 AM
I must apologize to the members of this service...

If you keep see me trying to do a poll asking about Nancy, please disregard it! For some reason I cannot put the Fourth and final phrase, "Fat, Old Broad" in there for some reason.

The poll should read:

Define Nancy:

1.) Human,
2.) Zetan,
3.) Prophet,


4.) Fat, Old Broad.

I hope the heavier people on this board are not offend. You see, I could lose some weight. I'm fat too, so, it's in good fun!

Define your fatness Flipper42 - Hmmm, I could lose 30 pounds. So you could call me a mild porker. I like the term "Fat, old broad," because in our family we described our next door neighbour as the "Fat, old Broad." Or the lady across the street was referred to as the "Fat, old broad." This is a term of endearment, in my mind.

Therefore, Nancy we love you when we say, "Fat, old Broad."


2003-May-22, 02:21 AM
Guess what!! big surprise! the pole shift failed to happen...again! just a thought.
Ha ha ha! Very funny Scottie.
Now beam down my clothes!