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2007-Jan-12, 10:40 PM
There's a big bright comet visible in the sky right now. Listen to this special alert, and then go outside right at sunset to see Comet McNaught with your very own eyes. ...

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2007-Jan-13, 03:47 AM
Nah, it's too late for me up here. The last shot I had was yesterday morning under somewhat clear skies.

Although I did hear from a friend of mine tonight who was observing and photographing it from the top of the CNN building in Los Angeles.

Figures, I've seen literally dozens of comets, most of them faint fuzzballs, and I miss the brightest comet in decades.

But people should watch the SOHO site the next few days, as the comet swings around the sun.

Real Time SOHO Images (http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime-update.html)

2007-Jan-13, 06:30 AM
When I went to play the special alert in iTunes I got the "Black Holes Big and Small" episode instead. :confused:

2007-Jan-13, 04:02 PM
We linked the wrong file for a few minutes. Unsubscribe and then resubscribe to Astronomy Cast and you'll get the correct file.

2007-Jan-13, 10:45 PM
We linked the wrong file for a few minutes. Unsubscribe and then resubscribe to Astronomy Cast and you'll get the correct file.
OK, got it, thanks. :)

2007-Jan-15, 05:34 PM
I did not find this until Monday, but it does not matter because here in the UK we have clouds, rain, clouds, gale force winds, clouds, clouds clouds

Clouds Clouds Clouds Clouds Lovely Clouds lovely Clouds

Apologies to Monty Python fans


2007-Jan-17, 10:17 PM
I thought I would say thanks for the alert episode not that I could have missed the comet but I at least knew what I was looking at thanks to the alert. There had been scant news coverage here until after the fact.
I am an airline pilot in Australia and was flying from Brisbane to Sydney last night just on dusk. At 40,000ft the view of McNaught was spectacular for almost the entire flight.
I am flying again tonight and will be taking binoculars tonight in the hope of a closer look. Thanks again for the early warning.:D

2007-Jan-18, 05:55 AM
Ever since it came within viewing range, it's been cloudy here.


2007-Jan-18, 10:15 AM
New Jersey has been fog and clouds. uhg! :cry: I heard about the comet in a blurb on the weather channel, and I would have been able to see it had it not been for the fact that I have no clear shot at the western horizon. Too many mountains and trees.

2007-Jan-19, 12:52 AM
I saw it January 8 before it got a lot of press. Then I've had trees in the way, clouds sticking to the horizon, or just bad weather. Then it went south. I haven't managed to see it during the day. Oh well.

Check out this awesome picture from New Zealand:

2007-Jan-20, 01:20 AM
Hi folks,

As it heads further away from the Sun and is visible for longer during late twilight in the Southern skys, it's putting on a real show at the moment - even in city areas. It's reached the point where even the average Joe (or Jane) won't need directions for finding it apart from head outside when it's starting to get dark and look around the horizon till you see something that will make you say "What the....!"

Can't wait to see what the next week brings.

You might want to check out some places like the Aussie based In in Space forums for more comments and some stunning images.


2007-Jan-20, 03:50 AM
You just continue to make me cry.:sad:

2007-Jan-20, 04:22 AM
How much longer will this comet be visible? I haven't been able to see it yet because it's been cloudy and rainy for the last week and the weather is expected to be the same next week!

2007-Jan-22, 09:43 PM
Is there any possibility of still seeing the comet? I've been looking but everytime I remember its cloudy. When/where should I look to find it?
Everyone keeps saying its awesome in the southern hemisphere, but hardly anyone has mentioned if it is still visible up here.