View Full Version : Episode 20: What We Learned from the American Astronomical Society

2007-Jan-22, 05:14 PM
It's astronomical society get together time, and we send Pamela to investigate and record. Hear the latest news that will make your text books out of date. ...

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2007-Jan-22, 11:14 PM

This is great stuff. The confirmation of non-baryoni(sp?) dark matter, and a much greater chance of seeing a relatively close supernova in my lifetime. Makes me wish I could go do one of these myself. However being a mathematic and physics challenged layman I think I'll let you guys sort it out for me so I don't get headaches trying to figure it out myself.

I've only been exploring astronomy for a few months now and I'm interested in how to apply some of these new findings to my own observations. For example what are some good examples of stars close to going supernova, I know about Betelguese and thats about it. And how about a little more about variable stars and where I might find some good examples of those.

Thanks, you guys are great