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2007-Jan-26, 05:25 AM

I'm looking for documentaries that I can watch with my very precocious seven year old. I liked COSMOS as an adult but too much SAGAN and not enough astronomy for my daughter.

We LOVE the Richard Attenborough nature documentaries we have seen - anything in that style (ie; not pop science?). Something NETFLIX might have.


John john@flahertys.org

Jeff Root
2007-Jan-26, 07:36 AM
In the mid-1970's I saw a bunch of short films by Charles and
Ray Eames which are quintessential must-see items. The films I
saw include "Powers of Ten - A Rough Sketch" (Fabulous voice for
the narration, although the square format looks a bit clutzy),
"Toccata for Toy Trains" (Great music by Elmer Bernstein), the
IBM math films (something like 1-2 minutes long each, teaching
concepts of elementary algebra), a short on the number 2^64
(which might be one of the IBM films-- I don't see it listed),
"The House That Science Built", "Tops" (Spinning toy tops), and
"Design Q&A".

All of these should be appropriate for a precocious 9-year old,
although "Design Q&A", "The House That Science Built", and the
IBM films would be too advanced for a precocious 7-year-old.

This is the page of the Eames website which sells their films:


They are packaged with two or three films on a DVD or tape.
"Toccata for Toy Trains" is packaged with "Parade" (which I
haven't seen) on a tape especially for young children.

Also a short film by Saul Bass, "Why Man Creates", appropriate
for a 9-year-old but possibly too advanced for a 7-year-old.
(I think that a child's understanding of how things work really
comes together somewhere around age nine.)

-- Jeff, in Minneapolis