View Full Version : Rocket Detonates on the Sea Launch Platform

2007-Feb-01, 01:51 AM
A Zenit-3SL rocket carrying a Dutch communications satellite detonated on the Sea Launch platform on Tuesday, completely destroying the rocket, its satellite payload, and causing damage to the launch platform. ...

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John Mendenhall
2007-Feb-01, 03:55 PM
We really need to find a better way than rockets. Anything new from the alternative launch methods? Rail guns, space elevator, etc?

2007-Feb-02, 12:03 PM
Lucky it was insured.

2007-Feb-02, 10:59 PM
Technically not a detonation. A detonation produces a shockwave. This didn't - it was a rapid combustion ( the same as the Challenger 'explosion' )

A geeky detail - but hey :)


Dragon Star
2007-Feb-02, 11:01 PM
I thought detonation and ignition were interchangeable? :think:

2007-Feb-03, 09:29 AM
I just ignited the gas hob in the kitchen...it didn't detonate. There is a distinct difference in the definitions. Honestly.