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2007-Feb-03, 04:34 AM
Tonight tryed to watch the Hubble Space Telescope go by. I thought I had missed it, and then about 13 minutes after I should have seen it, something went by exactly where I thought it would have... but it had blinking lights. Does the Hubble have blinking lights or was this just a plane? Do the shuttles ever go by later then NASA predicts it will for your location?

2007-Feb-03, 04:38 AM
Odds are it was just a plane. Hubble wouldn't blink, and it would be very surprising for it to be that late. (13 minutes would equate to a positional error of around 4000 miles.)

2007-Feb-03, 10:55 AM
There is a number of places that you can access this sort of information directly for your location. Giving very accurate location and time and brightness. Heavens above being the one I have best become familiar with.
I think you saw a airplane as no space craft use strobe lights. and that 14 min time window... , They have a list of targets including the ISS, Hubble and a few other major orbiting bodies. Have a look at the iridium flares for your location. Entertaining it can be.

2007-Feb-03, 03:46 PM
As astromark said, heavens-above.com/ (http://www.heavens-above.com/) is a great website for tracking the shuttle, the ISS, and other satellites. It is free, and if you can make it specific for your location.

2007-Feb-04, 12:19 AM
Hee hee all that waiting to see a simple plane go by!! I can't believe I missed it!! Anyway thanks for your replies, I will be sure to check out heavens-above.com and Iridium flares. :razz: