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2007-Feb-16, 09:31 AM
Found this piece of information about the "Sealed Universe" at:


I cannot make any sense of it but I know a few of you here find discussion about 'Ether' unavoidable...so moths here is your flame.

If you care to provide comments I will carry them back or you can comment directly to writer at the link above.


The presents of suction in a sealed enclosure creates an indirect pulling effect away from a celestial body, via the recoiling effect, from the core of the celestial body, spiraling outward. This recoiling effect, as was mention previously, only affects the planetary bodies indirectly because the combined density of all the solid matter within the universe is greater then the combined density of the ether. By indirect this means that it cannot pull a celestial body apart (affect it directly) as long as it is rotating at a greater rate that is pulling itself together then the effects of the recoiling ether efforts to pull it apart. However ethers indirect effects can pull a celestial body from one point to another. This is mainly in part due to the fact that the more the ether is stretched, the faster its recoil becomes similar to stretching of a rubber band, where as the rotational rate of a celestial body is always in a state of decline, so it can be said that the effects of the ether is never completely removed. Combined such an effect with the ethers over all structure that remains as a whole (all fluids maintain the form of the inside of a sealed container) only losing density as it is stretched, a celestial body rapidly moving away from the recoil effect of the ether can be compared to a person swimming up river who’s energy is momentous and who will eventually slow down indicating that they are still and always was moving in the direction of the flowing water even if it “appears” other wise.

2007-Feb-19, 04:57 AM
Well gonna give this one a single bump before sending it off to the drivel pile.

Gee I cannot imagine why someone wouldn't want to comment on such brilliant speculation!

2007-Feb-19, 06:46 AM

There's not anything there to even bother with. That "idea" is the physical equivalent of the incoherent ramblings of someone in a fevered delirium. There's nothing there that makes any sense to begin with.

I mean, I've been with family members in the hospital who were utterly out of it, babbling incoherently (combination of drugs of and the illness itself) -- complete sentences would sometimes come out, but they made no sense. :) The above "idea" is the equivalent of that.

Sometimes there's a strange method in the madness. A few years ago an uncle of mine, who had COPD was laid up with a bad case of "sepsis" stemming from a lot of problems. We thought he was a goner there, but he pulled through (he's since passed away).

He got to rambling on completely out of his head. My mother and I were there. He was aware of us, knew who we were, but we were just there in some scene that was playing out in his mind. My mother was able to make some sense of it -- it was pieces of memories of stuff that happened years ago. It was funny because I wasn't born at the time, yet I was playing a role in those memories for him.... :)

IOW, just play along as best you can to keep 'em comfortable.