View Full Version : Anyone know which comet that is is it Vesta

2003-May-24, 10:39 AM
at the bottom of the pics I mean


2003-May-24, 12:01 PM
Vesta (http://www.solarviews.com/eng/vesta.htm) is not a comet, but I'm still not sure which streak (or point of light) on that photo you are referring to.

2003-May-24, 12:08 PM

Kaptain K
2003-May-24, 12:28 PM
Post subject: On the bottom center

With every post, you make it more and more evident that you do not have the slightest grasp of the concept of research. In this case, read either the explanations on the SOHO website or the BA's explanation of SOHO image artifacts.

The object at the bottom of the image is an overexposed star. The "wings" are an artifact of CCD imaging.

edit Substitute comet for star in the above sentence. Sorry, I didn't let the image fully load before making my assesment.

Please do some research before posting an image that you do not understand. I, for one am tiring of doing your research for you. :evil:

2003-May-24, 01:43 PM
Thanks Kaptain K, I missed that. I don't usually look for the post text in the post subject.

Also, this page (http://starryskies.com/articles/2003/04/vesta.sky.html) seems to locate Vesta in the area around Leo and Virgo, so it would be nowhere near the Sun.

Kaptain K
2003-May-25, 07:51 PM
Vesta was in opposition in late March, so it is about as far from the Sun (in an angular sense) as it gets.

FWIW When Vesta was in opposition, it was magnitude 5.7 and should have been visible to the unaided eye (the only asteroid to do so).