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2007-Feb-22, 04:59 PM
A, B and C "B" is the smaller planet revolving between two big A and C planet, the distance of B is equals to B to A and B to C, for the sake they are very close to each other, what immidiate effect does the C gets in its friction?

the gravitational pool beteen A and C is equal for B.

Ken G
2007-Feb-22, 06:41 PM
It sounds like you are talking about orbits, and the only force is gravity, so that's a conservative potential and there's no friction at all. To get friction, you'll need to specify the tidal deformations of the planets, and therefore their rotation rates. In short, there needs to be a lot more in the question, and it needs to be described a lot more clearly, before it can be answered.

2007-Feb-22, 06:52 PM
I have seen a program that allows you to 'play' with a solar system. For a test I inserted a Jupiter sized planet opposite Jupiter. When I pushed run (at fast speed) it only took one orbit to eject mars... four orbits later Saturn was on her way out and then Earth.. The only survivor was mercury. I have since replaced my PC and with that went that program.. Some one else might know what it was, or where to find it. It sounds like what you are looking for.