View Full Version : Hail Damages Space Shuttle Atlantis, Delays Launch

2007-Feb-28, 09:43 PM
A hail storm pounded the Space Shuttle Atlantis on Tuesday, chewing up foam at the top of the shuttle's external fuel tank. The damage was so significant that managers decided to delay the shuttle's launch until the damage can be repaired. ...

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2007-Mar-01, 12:33 AM
Next time, they ought to errect a giant umbrella or something.

2007-Mar-01, 02:33 AM
Didn't the space shuttle get delayed because of a "wood-pecker" incident ounce?

2007-Mar-05, 09:39 AM
They ought to incorporate a Kevlar matrix near the surface of the foam. A Kevlar shield in the interior of the Pratt & Whitney engines that carry the C-5A is why the Iraqi launched Sidewinder missile failed to take it down. Discrete element analysis at P&W showed that the fragmentation of the jet turbine would fail to penetrate the cowling if it was so-lined...A.A.P.T. joint American Physical Society Meeting, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft, Hartford, Conn. Impressive engineering talk. (They were less impressed with mine, but I broke no conservation laws, or SR or GR, and physics, art, and morality, consist of standing your ground and drawing a line somewhere) :shifty: Pete

2007-Jun-11, 03:00 AM
They should try to make the shuttle a little bit stronger so it can withstand hail...i mean it can fly at super sonic speeds but it cant take a little bit of hail>