View Full Version : Dark Matter, Anti-Matter and the Big Bang

2007-Mar-05, 05:28 PM
Hey, A question for y'all.

I remember reading, back in the day, that one of the unexplained mysteries of the big bang was why matter and anti-matter weren't produced in equal proportions - which would have resulted in them quickly annihilating each other.

Now, I hear about the overwhelming influence of dark matter, not only in current galactic interactions but in the formation of the early universe.

So, is anyone exploring the possibility that the missing anti-matter and mysterious dark-matter are somehow connected?

Bonus question: Is anyone exploring the idea that dark matter is responsible for the mysterious deceleration of the Pioneer probes?

2007-Mar-05, 08:27 PM
Far be it from to venture a guess. But I will. In the annhilation, energy was released, and THAT became the dark matter. More of a force than actual substance. Antimatter particles can still be created today, but they decay so quickly it's tought to measure any effect they may have had.

It is interesting though, to think that when we ceate these antimatter particles, and they poof-away... are we also creating more Dark Matter?

The matter we physically see today is the winner in the fight, and the Dark Matter is the spoils.