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2007-Mar-06, 09:50 PM
Forgive my ignorance, but it seems that iTunes use to give me an MP3 file which my cheapo mp3 player was happy with. Recently, iTunes is giving me a different file format (MP4 or something). My cheapo player won't play these. Am I just out of luck for having the luxury of having iTunes automatically download astronomy cast for me? Do I have to go the the web page and manually download the latest episode?
If that is the case, that is fine, a bit of an aggrivation, but I can live with it. But, I am a bit of a klutz with computers and perhaps there is something obvious that I am missing.
Can someone set me straight. Do I have to go to the main web page and manually download the mp3 file so my player will work, or is there some magic thing I can do to iTunes to make it give me mp3 files.
I checked the mp3 box in the preference panel, but it still downloads some strange format.


2007-Mar-06, 11:50 PM
Hi Ron, we did switch the main feed over to the m4a version which has pretty pictures that go along with the episode, but you can still subscribe to the mp3 version.

In iTunes, under the Advanced menu item, choose "Subscribe to Podcast".

Put the following into the box:

That will sign you up to the regular mp3 feed, which should work on your player.

2007-Mar-07, 10:14 PM
That did the trick. Thanks!