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John Kierein
2003-May-28, 10:01 PM

Anybody know if these are Type 1A? Do they have a different decay curve?

The Bad Astronomer
2003-May-28, 10:51 PM
I believe the assumption is that they are all young, massive stars that blew up, since that is a star-forming region. However, I don't know if spectra were taken, or there are other indicators of them being young stars.

2003-May-29, 01:35 AM
If they're there as a result of colliding galaxies, then they would be Type II. I don't think that the Type Ia supernovae, due to exploding white dwarfs, would have an enhanced chance of occuring simply due the presence of a colliding galaxy. However, it is well established that colliding galaxies give rise to star formation from colliding gas, and these stars would be young and hot. And young and hot stars tend to go BOOM! in a Type II supernova. Type Ia supernovae always, as far I know, occur in binary (or multiple) systems, because of the need of the presence of a companion star to transfer mass to the white dwarf.

I want to see an infrared picture- that would show us if there were, indeed, massive pockets of star formation (which I'm sure there are, as I just said) and should be able to penetrate the dust. But SIRTF remains grounded..... sigh.

2003-May-30, 01:22 AM
And young and hot stars tend to go BOOM!
Indeed. Witness Britney Spears. :: rimshot ::