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2007-Mar-13, 06:47 PM
In the last few days, mostly because I have been taking them on my digital camera, when I try to play a .avi movie file in Windows Media player 11, my entire computer rebooted. I played it successfully in Real Player, but when I tried again in WMP the computer rebooted. As a work around I have assigned .avi files to Real Player. So far it played ok when I imported it into Windows Movie Maker.

I was guided to event viewer and in system at the point it happened I got this

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x1000008e (0xc0000005, 0xfa29098a, 0xf4929888, 0x00000000). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\Minidump\Mini031307-02.dmp.

I found the dump file but could not read it

This is on my desk top which runs XP SP2

My worry is that my PC is old, as it was bought from Dixons in 2002. I wondered if it was dust bunnies, but my sister does not think that is correct. I am not competent with hardware, which include trying to work out how to open my pc up and blow compressed air.

Am not sure if this happened before my system upgraded from WMP 10

This has made me feel that I am an ignoramus with computers, even though at work I was a superuser until the subcontracted out our IT.:(

2007-Mar-13, 06:52 PM
Try reinstalling some of your codecs. Or, see if you can download an installer program for WMP 11 and see if it was just a wonky install.

2007-Mar-13, 11:32 PM
A quick google of the first two numbers in that error code turns up a number of results. Among the many pages that I sifted through, most of them pointed to it possibly being a driver issue. I'm not sure if an improperly installed or bad codec would produce the same results, so I can't say anything for sure. I did come up with this (http://www.osronline.com/ddkx/ddtools/bccodes_59k7.htm) page which seems to give the best explanation that I could find.

TBH though, I'd recommend avoiding WMP all together. It's a bloated peice of software that really isn't any better at playing video than many other, more lightweight media players. If you want something that's good at playing any video you throw at it, give the K-Lite codec pack with Media Player Classic a try. The K-Lite codec pack will install every video codec you'll ever need, and installs the lightweight Media Player Classic along with it. It'll even play your quicktime and real video files, and integrate the codecs into your browers.

Here's (http://www.free-codecs.com/download/K_Lite_Mega_Codec_Pack.htm) the link.