View Full Version : Just a Thank You and a suggestion for a cast

2007-Mar-13, 08:12 PM
Hi Frazer and Pamela,

Just wanted to say thank you to you both for all the hard work you are obviously going to to make the podcasts available to us. They really are very interesting and I am really enjoying listening to them. I also like the fact they last roughly half an hour each time which makes my 30 minutes workout on the cross trainer much more bearable!:clap: :razz:

I wonder if you might consider doing a podcast on NEO's, you could maybe cover what is an NEO..How many do we know about.. How do we track them, you could talk about Astronomical distances (AU) Lunar Distances(LD)...what about the NEO's we cant see coming from behind the sun.., what are the torrino and palermo scales ..The dreaded Domesday asteroid etc.. Could we prevent such a collision and how??

I think that would be a cool podcast:o

Well Done guys! Keep em coming!:clap:
Babs UK