View Full Version : Asteroid Sample Return Mission Proposed

2007-Mar-14, 09:50 PM
A new NASA mission is being proposed to fly out, extract a sample from a nearby asteroid, and return it to Earth. The asteroid is known as 1999 RQ36, and the mission is OSIRIS. ...

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2007-Mar-19, 12:41 PM
Sure would be nice if Nasa did get off its but and get some sample and return missions going. The issue thou is the funding which is lacking now that CEV Orion Ares I is going forward while still running the shuttle and ISS are still active. There has been talk of using the orion for NEO missions but I think this is still early in the design phase to think about such activity. In fact it might even be a good mission for the LSAM but that would push back the date into the later part of the next decade.

2007-Jun-07, 04:54 AM
It would be nice to be able to get a return sample.