View Full Version : It's probably not good when military leaders say "woops!"

2007-Mar-16, 08:02 PM
Imposter sits in on defense meetings (http://today.reuters.com/news/articlenews.aspx?type=oddlyEnoughNews&storyid=2007-03-15T185204Z_01_SYD293615_RTRUKOC_0_US-AUSTRALIA-IMPOSTER.xml)

I *almost* put this under the "Dumb Criminals" thread, but I found it soo funny that I felt it deserved it's own post. It's something that *I* would try, except for I feel I'm too delicate for Federal Prison.

2007-Mar-16, 09:54 PM
Lucky he did that down under. Depending on what he heard, or where he was discovered, pulling a stunt like that on this side of the world wouldn't get reported, except maybe as a footnote on the crimesheet of a local newspaper about a missing persons report. See, the US is pretty mediatropic, and a CO who gets their hands on a guy like this and goes public is probably kissing his pension goodbye. I do not doubt there would be a legitimate possibility that were he to do so, depending on the service involved, he would not be seen again, and anyone involved would be sworn to secrecy on pain of many many years in Leavenworth making gravel out of boulders.

I'm not accusing US military personnel of playing ugly here, there are actual rules for this kind of thing that can include silencing someone in ways that would rate pretty low on the ACLU's list of acceptable treatment of American citizens. There are somethings You Do Not Do, and places You Do Not Go. Sneaking into those places and doing those kinds of activities, if you do not have clearance and permission, is considered a Very Bad Thing.

Lord Jubjub
2007-Mar-17, 02:00 AM
Depending on the time and place, such a person in the U.S. would probably land in prison and every guard from the front door to the meeting room door would be in adjacent cells.