View Full Version : Thanks to Phil...

Steve Scott
2007-Mar-19, 01:40 AM
I joined this forum for ONE reason...to thank Phil Plait for his podcast on I-Tunes. Knowing he's swamped with e-mails, I thought I'd put it here in the hopes he'd see it. Its probably the wrong place. Sorry, if that's the case.

I just checked the video pod on galaxies...and it was superb. Kids and adults eleven years and up could easily grasp and appreciate such a presentation. Given that, I intend to plug it to everyone I know.

A friend of mine has been tasked with teaching science to kids in a community in India. He'll hear about it. One of my students, an eleven year old, LOVES science, and gets all my science magazines whenever I'm done with them. He'll hear about it.

Phil, kudos to you. I hope you read this, and know you've made another fan. Your book is now on my "to buy" list.

Oh...and this forum rocks. I'll probably stick around. I clearly will learn something from it.