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2007-Mar-19, 11:31 PM
And now, "secular creationism"?

mike alexander
2007-Mar-20, 12:29 AM
Bulgogi, as my Dad used to say. Note the following quote from the article as an example:

Similarly, male aggression and competitiveness are not created out of whole cloth by a patriarchal system of dominance, as Women’s Studies feminists argue, but are to a significant degree hormone-inspired. In short, according to modern science, the fault lies not in patriarchal hierarchies but in the genes.

Note how the first sentence says that both hereditary AND environmental causes are significant. Then the second summarizes by completely IGNORING the environmental contribution.

Intellectually as dishonest as the people the writer is castigating.

2007-Mar-20, 04:20 AM
At least this one didn't suggest that eating meat is a sign of repressed male murder-fantasies:doh:

2007-Mar-20, 04:22 AM
The authors of the study also seem to suggest that to be familiar with a concept is to agree to said concept.

To make an analogy- it would be false to say that if one is familair with the Nazi's "Final Solution", one must believe it is proper to kill Jews.

Oops... I just invoked Godwin's Law.

Donnie B.
2007-Mar-20, 04:10 PM
I prefer Goodwin's Law: never interrupt Nero Wolfe while he's working in the orchid greenhouse.

This article is hardly stunning news. There are plenty of other examples of bad science, or even anti-science, being taught in our colleges and universities. And these are hardly limited to the left end of the political spectrum, either.

Some examples include the penetration of "Therapeutic Touch" nonsense into nursing schools, and the decidedly anti-science stance in many philosophy departments.

There aren't many things I agree with David Horowitz about, but in this case I do -- at least, if he's advocating a position that acknowledges both genes and environment, rather than either extreme.

2007-Apr-19, 07:33 AM
We're doomed. Let's just wait until the next Dark Age ends, and a new civilization begins...