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2007-Mar-20, 05:22 AM
Also known as Collinder 140, Lacaille's 1751 catalog II.2 "nebulous star cluster" is a real beauty for binoculars and very low power in telescopes. More than 50% larger than the Full Moon, it contains around 30 stars and may be as far as 1000 light-years away. ...

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2007-Mar-20, 03:42 PM
Every time I see this topic I always read it as "What the ’ 's up this week?" :)

2007-Mar-21, 07:27 PM
If you would like to see two goddesses tonight, be sure to watch the western horizon as the Sun sets for the super slender crescent of Selene being accompanied by brilliant Venus.

I have magnificent view of this out of my window, Venus is soo bright at the moment. Conditions are so clear I can clearly make out the unilit (by the sun) portion of the moon nestled within the crescent, illuminated by earthshine I believe?

If you're in the southern UK have a look.:)