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2007-Mar-20, 10:45 AM
A piece of the planet Mars could be yours for the bargain price of several thousand dollars.
The extraterrestrial artefact and some 350 other offerings will be put up for sale in a simultaneous New York City/Beverly Hills auction this weekend by I.M. Chait, the California auctioneer that is selling the host of natural history specimens. The artefact, which the owners of the auction house said is from Mars, could be either a rock or meteorite from the planet that entered the Earth's orbit, the owners said.

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2007-Mar-26, 09:34 AM
The skull of a large carnivorous dinosaur and the tusk of a shaggy-coated mammoth from the Ice Age sold for a combined $372,000 at a natural history auction Sunday, auction officials said.
The auction, which also featured a meteorite and other items, brought in a total of $1.55 million.

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