View Full Version : Solar System Shipping Routes

2007-Mar-23, 07:43 PM
Once a permanent base is set up on the Moon, it's going to need lots of supplies shipped up from Earth. And these shipments, like water, food and air, absolutely, positively have to get there on time, or people die. ...

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Ronald Brak
2007-Mar-25, 12:49 AM
I was very pesermistic about the lunar base. But now that its start date is being pushed back in time I am more optimistic that it will be begun after the U.S. improves its financial situation and after technology has been developed that will reduce the amount of supplies that will need to be sent and so make the enterprise much cheaper.

2007-Jun-07, 04:38 AM
Its a good idea but sorry to say it wont work for long...the moon is moving away from us but not very fast...we might be able to use it for awile but after an amount of time we might have to travel farther to get to the moon that to get to mars or something.