View Full Version : "Serenity" Charity Screenings 2007

Donnie B.
2007-Mar-25, 09:05 PM
Plans confirmed or in the works for over 50 venues worldwide. Most screenings take place on or about June 23, 2007. Come join the Browncoaty fun! Tickets already on sale for some shows.


I went to last year's Boston event with a group of friends. It was a blast!

Tobin Dax
2007-Mar-25, 11:04 PM
Ooh, there's one here in Champaign. I'll have to go to that. :)

2007-Mar-25, 11:58 PM
Nearest one seems to be a thousand clicks away. I'll just have to do a personal viewing at home. :)

2007-Mar-26, 01:56 AM
I couldn't make the last one they did in the DC area. I'll have to try for this one.

2007-Mar-26, 02:48 AM
Seattle, as always. Sigh.

2007-Mar-26, 12:50 PM
Two words: Cleveland, Ohio.

*makes mental note to take duster to the dry-cleaner*

Tobin Dax
2007-Mar-26, 04:08 PM
Seattle, as always. Sigh.

Get the Olympia Browncoats riled up and willing to organize one there.

2007-Mar-26, 08:37 PM
Get the Olympia Browncoats riled up and willing to organize one there.

I'm not sure there's any kind of organized group, and I'm double not sure there's any kind of appropriate venue. I suppose I could talk to the Olympia Film Society downtown, but other than that, there's currently one multiplex in the Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater area, and I'm quite sure they're not interested in any kind of charity screening.

Donnie B.
2007-Mar-26, 08:56 PM
Do you know any other Firefly fans in your area? You might be able to organize a van ride or car caravan to Seattle.

2007-Mar-27, 03:00 AM
I'm certainly not taking the bus. I'll tell you that much.

Yeah, I've got friends who might consider going. I'll float the idea.