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Peter B
2002-Feb-12, 04:46 AM
Well, I know the author, so I've got to recommend it haven't I?

"Time Past" by Maxine McArthur. Sequel to the award winning "Time Future". Both are very entertaining space opera, with inscrutable aliens following their own agendas, time travel, conspiracies, sieges, and some very believable characters.

And yes, the latest book has some BA (so there's another reason for mentioning it here): the main character lands her spacecraft on the dark side of the Moon. But I promised not to tell her of any problems I found, and you can't break a promise like that, can you. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif

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2002-Feb-12, 12:41 PM
I know I'm swimming upstream here, but there are two reasonible interpretations of that. One, is that the moon always has a dark side, it just changes during each month. Two, my Ame. Her. Dic. lists a definition for dark that means "8. Concealed or secret; mysterious," kinda related to the phrase "Dark ages." Using that definition, the "backside" (that's why they call it the moon) of our nearest neighbor is indeed dark. The English language is replete with words that have multiple interpretations, and if we can't insist on one to the exclusion of the others.

Of course, there are many people who will hear those words, and misunderstand. But that's another problem.