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2007-Apr-10, 10:31 PM
Hi all

Here's 6 lunar images taken yesterday morning after my session with Jupiter. The seeing had deteriorated by that stage and the temperature continued to drop, and I had "waves" of bad seeing fluctuating and rolling across the image.

Not to mention, my tracking was horrendous in DEC and I had to constantly keep pressing "up" on the hand controller to keep the feature near the middle of the screen. As a consequence, alignment and stacking was a nightmare and I couldn't align on anything near the edge - resulting in some blurry parts of frame near the edge. Yes, I need to work on my EQ6 alignment :)

Each image is the result of 5 alignment points stacked in registax, 500 frames on each point (out of 1800 captured (1 minute each feature)). Schiller is a 2-image mosaic as it was too big for one FOV.

Resolution is 214 metres per pixel.

Schiller and Tycho are the best of the bunch, the others are fairly ordinary but it was nice to capture some Luna again.

1. Schiller
2. Tycho
3. Arzachel
4. Plato
5. Davy Crater Chain
6. Copernicus

Thanks for looking.

paul f. campbell
2007-Apr-10, 11:10 PM
Hi Mike very nice. Thanks.

2007-Apr-11, 01:55 AM
Wow, extremely sharp for so much magnification. You could probably get the flag on the moon with that and prove all the conspiracies wrong :p

2007-Apr-11, 03:28 AM
You have done it again iceman, very sharp, clear and clean pics!
Keep up the good work.

Oh and Ingo, since when have conspiracy theroists ever cared about silly things like "proof" or "evidence"? :D

2007-Apr-11, 04:12 AM
Wow! Great results despite the waves of poorer seeing.

2007-Apr-11, 05:06 AM
Man oh man!! Lovelllllllyyyy crater shots. Thanks Mike. I love the craters on a last quarter moon.


2007-Apr-13, 09:36 AM
hi Mike,

WHOW! man, You show us at least 7 craterlets in plato! that is really dropping my jaw down to the floor - wait - let me pick it up.
also schiller is smasher too!
one of Your very best images within this series is tycho!!! I have never seen such a crisp and detailed image of tycho before.
verrrry well done!!!

2007-Apr-14, 03:59 PM
I concur with the rest of the fellows the are great sharp shots even under deteriating conditions they came out Awesome. Clear Skies