View Full Version : Geology Rocks!

2007-Apr-13, 04:14 AM
Astronomy is Far Out!

Chemistry is Radical!

You get the idea? Any more?

2007-Apr-13, 05:49 AM
Glaciology is cool!

Arborology is gnarly!

Spreadsheets are Excellent!

Confectioners are sweet!

Pseudoscience is bogus!

Pole vaulters are top notch!

The Backroad Astronomer
2007-Apr-13, 05:50 AM
Butchers are a cut above the rest.

Ronald Brak
2007-Apr-13, 06:10 AM
Butchers are a cut above the rest.

I thought that was tall samurai?

2007-Apr-13, 06:11 AM
or hairdressers.

Lighthouse keepers are brilliant!

2007-Apr-13, 06:34 AM
Seismology is shaking

Cardiology is heart-breaking

2007-Apr-13, 07:55 AM
Bombardiers are bang-up dudes.

Pastry chefs are flaky.

Biology stinks.

Janitors suck. (I was going to say maids, but that stereotype carries one too many puns.)

Chiropterology (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bat) bites.

Meteorology blows.

Neurology is mind-numbing.

2007-Apr-13, 12:09 PM
Arborology is gnarly!It's "dendrology". (I'm a former forester with a Bachelor's degree in the science of forestry. The college class on tree identification and the traits that are associated with certain species is called "Dendrology", and foresters and rangers in the professional field, when talking about what makes one tree species different from another, also call that "dendrology" or just "dendro".) :)

2007-Apr-13, 12:13 PM
Arborology must be the science of growing green things on lattice structures then.

2007-Apr-13, 12:39 PM
Denrology sounds better. I just couldn't remember the word, and didn't want to say "that tree science." So I made something up.

Dragons are fantastic.

Spiderman is Marvellous.

Slow clocks are retarded.

Cripples are lame.

Donnie B.
2007-Apr-13, 08:25 PM
Demolition work is a blast!

Sentry duty is outstanding!

Dungeonmastering is amazing!

Being a politician is incredible!

2007-Apr-13, 09:49 PM
Farmers are outstanding in their field.
Ceramists are potty.

Van Rijn
2007-Apr-13, 10:11 PM
Physics is fundamental!

Moon hoax theories are luny!

2007-Apr-13, 10:23 PM
Astronomy is Far Out!

Chemistry is Radical!

You get the idea? Any more?

Geology shales!

It erodes, too.

2007-Apr-14, 01:28 AM
The metric system rules!

Filters are great!

Cats are perfect!

Chickadees are cheap!

Shih tzus are... uh... I guess that one stands on its own.

2007-Apr-14, 01:37 AM
Biology is cool!

and my favorite .....back in school...

Recess !!!
Lunch Breaks !!!

are Iressistible! :p:p:p

2007-Apr-14, 01:56 AM
Keeping it toward the sciences:

Oceanography is deep!

Meteorology reigns!

Dare I say I was railroaded into engineering?

2007-Apr-14, 03:07 AM
Cosmogony is just the beginning.

Cosmology is physically demanding.

Scientology is quite revolting.

2007-Apr-15, 02:51 AM
Ecologists have found their niche.
Ichthyologists stay in schools.
Ornithologists are for the birds.
Herpetology is toad-ally cool.

Peter Wilson
2007-Apr-16, 11:48 PM
Mallordists are ducky

2007-Apr-17, 06:37 AM
Oology is eggcellent!

2007-Apr-18, 03:15 AM
South East,
This isn't a particularly serious thread, but what exactly do your posts have to do with this thread, or anything at all?

2007-Apr-18, 05:11 AM
South East ain't the way to go to find the Northwest Passage.

East is East and West is West, and North isn't as far South as Southwest is, even if it turns out to be disoriented.

Now, let's talk about rhubarb (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0020640/quotes)...


2007-Apr-18, 05:24 AM
Point to the east.. and Point to the West...:dance:

Shake to the left .. and Shake it to the right...:p